Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Zoey slept from 10pm till 7am in her crib and did not make a peep! She is napping peacefully now in her crib and continues to do better every day with sleeping independently! She does not cry much and is happy to now play on the floor, as long as someone is very close by! She loves to pull her brother's hair and tease him by pulling out his pacifier when she gets the chance. She is doing better about her carseat and learning to appreciate her diaper changes, rather than screaming through it! Which she saves for the much dreaded bath time. She HATES the water and we have resorted to bathing her every other day in an effort to not traumatize her! How she will ever enjoy Papa's pool, we're just not sure! Cloth diapering is going well, though they make her tiny hiny a bit bulky! She eats everything we give her and has transitioned well to American formula as we ran out of the Korean formula yesterday. She smiles every time she makes eye contact with us and giggles out loud!

Brother is still adjusting and we're finding that long afternoon naps are making it a little easier on him! He's going stir crazy and we were able to get him out to his favorite store today, Toys R Us, for a little fun. Fortunately, the local school district has given us the all clear on the Swine Flu, and preschool starts back tomorrow, which will be a much needed outing for him. Overall, he continues to do well and loves his new baby sister.

Here's the latest pics! Some are a bit blurry as we can't get Zoey to sit still long enought to snap a picture sometimes! She loves cameras and will try to grab for it everytime it's out if we don't hurry!


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