Friday, August 12, 2011


What a lame blogger I have been this month!! July was a busy busy month for us and August is half way over!! So I've got some catching up to do!!

Let's start with these updated pics of my precious youngest daughter we received on July 20! I really, really, really wanna squeeze that baby!!!

They also sent a pic of the burn she suffered the previous month and thankfully it's healing, but looks like it may leave a pretty nasty scar. :( But we were pleasantly surprised to get her MRI results a week later on July 27, which were all normal!! And they squeezed in another picture of Em and her foster mother with the care package we sent!

Sadly, we can't show her face per our agencies' policies, but we can thank her for the excellent care she is giving our sweet baby!

We cannot wait to hold this little girl!

We also received our I600 approval in record time. We wished that would have happened with Zoey's adoption!! It was submitted with the I600A on June 23 and we received our approval on July 27. We are now all paper ready on the US's all about when the Korean government will issue our EP to get Miss Em home!! Let's hope it's sooner than later, but it's pretty clear we will not get one this year and just pray that EP's begin shooting out like crazy come the first of the year.

Thanks for your continued love and support!! We can feel it!