Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Baby...

So we've been at this now a little over a week (still hard to believe!) and we are so pleased with how our family has come together! We thought it would be fun to sort of go through some of the things we've learned about our new daughter and add to some of the quirky habits our son has! So here we go!

1. Zoey likes to dance! But her idea of dancing is shaking just her head back and forth as if she's saying "no"! No smiling, no body movement, just the head!

2. She snorts. A lot. When she gets excited or a little frustrated, she squishes her face and snorts. Brother thinks this is hilarious!

3. She loves her Brother. She watches everything he does and then copies it. She learned to suck the juice from an Ice Pop by watching him. Now she cries when the Ice Pop is all gone!

4. She loves to be carried in her carrier. We recently purchased a Baby Bjorn carrier after realizing that our Moby Wrap was more for infants. She wiggled right out of it several times! If she gets a little cranky or upset, the carrier always does the trick!

5. She loves to eat! She wants to try anything we have! She will settle for baby food if it's that all that's left, but prefers to pick up things on her and own and eat more solids. One of her favorites is the Gerber Cheese Puffs and she especially likes potato snacks shaped in the form of a french fry, which is what her foster mother gave her in Korea.

6. Our son now thinks that every day is his birthday! Since Zoey and I did not get home from Korea till the day after he turned four, we celebrated the week before I left, the day I came home, later that weekend and then again today! Everyone just brought over his present when they could, so he's waiting for another party any day now!

We continue to feel so blessed and are so appreciative of all the love and support we have received throughout this process and continue to receive now that she is home. While she is taking to both Daddy and I very well, she is still not quite sure who we are, and from the little contact she's had with visitors, seems to be "parent shopping" just a bit. She is very shy as I not only observed in Korea, but was told adamently by her foster mother. But she is more and more comfortable with us everyday and really only opens up when it's just the four of us. She has started recognizing my parents as she's seen them almost every day, and they tend to get some smiles when they walk in the door. Her foster mother told me that usually she likes to play independently on the floor on her own but she's not quite comfortable enough to do that yet. She prefers to have someone sit with her or very close by. She's learning to trust us, that we won't leave her. She opens up more every day though as the first few days home, she would not allow us to place her on the ground or in the exersaucer at all. Just as she did in Korea, she does fight sleep, and some of the crying appears to be a bit of grieving for her foster mother as she searches the room for her. It breaks our heart, but we know with time and effort, things will get better and better. We are so thankful for all the knowledge we have gained throughout this process and being as prepared as we possibly could to try and make her transition as smooth as possible. We are so thankful for these two wonderful gifts from God.

Here's some pictures of the day!

Out at Papa's pool again today! It's hot outside!

This is one of the very first dresses I bought right after we received our referral in December! She was able to meet her Great Grandma on daddy's side today, whom we are very close to. We were excited she could get over to the house this evening and had to put her in something cute for the occasion!

One of many mini parties for brother's birthday which was April 29th! That's Uncle Dylan and Grandpa S. in the background.


  1. the pic of her in the hat, could be an ad-she is so cute

  2. I am so happy that things are going so well! And I love the pink bucket hat! Adorable!