Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our families' one week anniversary!

I can hardly believe after such a long wait that we have already hit our one week mark since becoming a family of four! I can tell you I am glad I am a week away from that immigration line!

What can I say? We are truly blessed in every way. But our two children are by far the greatest gift we could ever be given. They are pure joy to be around and we love them both so much! It all just feels so right like Zoey has been here all along with us. I will admit, after our first meeting last Monday, I was definetly stressed. I thought of a million reasons why this could be a bad idea! I ached for her as she could not understand what was going on and my eyes still fill with tears each and every time I think of her foster mother who has now been without her for a week. But the bond I saw between them can only assure me how well cared for and loved she was. We hope that she is slowly realizing that we love her just as much.

Today, we hit a HUGE milestone! As I mentioned before, baths have been a dreaded event around here and we resorted to bathing her evry other day to lessen the trauma! She screams the entire time as if we're torturing her and stops the minute her body is out of the water! So after some thought and at the suggestion of a an awesome mommy from the Holt BB (thanks Suzy!), we decided to give the kitchen sink a try. That's right! We stood her up in the water first and she didn't make a peep! So we gradually lowered her in and wa-la! She took over a five minute bath and actually laughed! We weren't sure how to rinse all that pretty hair, so Daddy laid the towel down on by the sink and we layed her down and held her head over the sink while I sprayed it down with the faucet hose. She leaned back, closed her eyes and enjoyed it! I absolutely cannot believe it still and hope this trend keeps up! I've included some pictures of the memorable event below.

We continue to do well as we take it day by day. We feel that Zoey has taken some good steps toward recognizing us as her parents and is ALWAYS interested in whatever Brother is doing! She laughs out loud, smiles constantly and even dances a bit! To all the family so patiently waiting to meet and hold her, we promise the wait will be worth it!

I'm still working on getting our airport pictures and video uploaded, so as soon as I get it, I'll post it!

Braedan has preferred to stay indoors to play as the temperature outside climbs to 100 degrees in the afternoon!

And there's no reason why Daddy has to miss out on any of the fun playing Better Batter!

Just to show off another cute outfit and bow! And of course, the model!

I love Gerber cheese puffs!

Hangin' out in my cloth diapers...aren't they cute?!?!

A fun morning playing with my family! Brother makes the silliest faces!

I love bath time in the sink! Please ignore the mess that is our kitchen...we just had a baby! :) I even sat down in the sink and enjoyed it!

I love being finished with bath time even better!


  1. the last pic is my favorite-well I also really love Danny in the baby Bjorn

  2. Ok I can hardly stand it! You guys are the cutest family! So glad the sink bath worked! We are so happy to have Zoey join the family! Can't wait to come give her loves!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loves to all of you!!!!!

  3. Ok I can hardly stand it too! It really seems like all is going great with your family of four! Zoey seems to be adjusting perfectly & we couln't be happier for you guys. She is a little doll. Braedan will always be grateful for his best 4th birthday present.
    Love, Grandma