Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Yesterday turned out to be a busy day so I didn't get a chance to post anything! Daddy has finals this week at school and has been a little busy! So I was left to man the post by myself! I did have help from Nana though and things went smoother than I had expected! Zoey continues to sleep longer increments throughout the night in her crib and is soothed back to sleep more easily as well. We're pushing for naps in her crib and so far, it's not been too bad! Brother is still adjusting, but overall doing great. Zoey continues to reach milestones every day and will go to both of us without problem. We made it to the local Korean market today and found all the snacks she was accustomed to in Korea. She was excited to see some things she recognized! Overall, things are going good as we all continue to adjust. Zoey is a happy baby who likes to be held and loves playing with her brother. It is a big difference from the baby I met just one week ago and we hope that she is learning who we are. We realize we may still be in the "honeymoon" phase, but are hopeful that she will continue to do well. We are just so in love with her and are so happy to have two beautiful children!


  1. So glad she is doing so well! She will be back to sleeping through the night in no time! I just don't think she could get any cuter! Love the pics!

  2. I love that Zoey's helping you get in touch w/ your Korean side.