Friday, April 29, 2011

Look Who's Six!!

Braedan woke up ready for his big day and is so happy to be finally be six! (this kid has been talking about his birthday since Christmas!)

He thinks he woke up much larger than yesterday, including his biceps!

He was pretty darn excited when the answer to his question of "do I get to open presents today" was a yes!

I cannot believe that my sweet, sweet boy is now six years old!

We headed to his school to eat lunch with the birthday boy and drop off cupcakes for his class...I was informed after school that he was not thrilled with my selection of farm animal cupcake toppers...guess at age six, these things start to matter!

Everyone knew it was his birthday today, I wonder how?!?!?

Even sister was excited to hear the words cake and presents!

After a little dinner at Chilis and a little birthday song and dessert from the waitors...

It was finally time to get to the gifts!

Braedan has the most expressive face I ever seen and these pictures just about cover the range of his emotions as he unwrapped wish after wish!

And may I just take a moment to brag a little by showing off his new Lego Ninjago Dragon that he put together all. by. himself. Pretty darn impressive if you ask me! This boy is an absolute genius when it comes to things like this!

Ah, I must admit...I am one very, very lucky mama that this little boy made his way into my life six years ago...and I love him with all my heart.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Saying Goodbye.

This morning, we had to say goodbye to our sweet Beagle/Basset/Border Collie, Molly.

It completely breaks my heart.

But I know she was ready to go and I know she's now in a better place.

My precious Braedan included in his family prayer this evening, "...and bless Molly that she feels better in Heaven..."

I have had this sweet dog since I was 17.

Before I was married, before I had kids.

She was there through all those changes in my life...

Letting her go today was one of the toughest things I've had to do.

She's battled Addison's Disease for several years now and has had lots of health scares in between, but always pulled thru it.

Today, she wasn't so lucky and I am so sad.

I wish I had the picture my parents took the day I got small and so cute! Fit in one of my hands!

I just fell in love with her the moment I saw her and have loved her dearly since.

It will take some getting used to not having her around after nearly 12 years...and I'm not yet convinced the kids or other dogs (my parent's dog and our 1 year old pup, Shiloh) quite understand that she is gone.

You will be missed, my sweet, sweet Molly.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Super Fun Houseguests!

Last week, we had the pleasure to have bloggy friend Kelly and her cutie patootie daughter, Briar, stay with us and become 'real life' friends!

Kelly was one of the very first moms I 'met' online in the beginning of our adoption process and it was so awesome to finally meet her and Briar in person!

The girls got along fabulously and Zoey is still asking where Briar went after leaving nearly a week ago!

It was fun just chatting, letting the girls play and watch their addiction, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, together!

It was also fun exploring the city I live in as we don't get out nearly as much as we should and enjoy our beautiful city!!

There was the Riverwalk, Landa Park, Korean food and yummy well as park time, a little swimming and most importantly, nap time!! (That's how Kelly and I got in some girl chat time!)

We had so much fun getting to know them a little better and so happy we now call them our 'real life' friends!

Here's just a few pictures of the girls enjoying themselves throughout the week!

How cute are they?!?!

Thanks Kelly and Briar for coming and staying with us!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Can it be possible my little boy is turning SIX soon!!

How did that happen?!?!

Am I old enough to have a SIX year old?!?!?!

Well, either way I love this boy to death!!

I adore how red his hair looks in these pictures! How is it possible that he is half Korean?!?!? I am still baffled!

His hair is just about as bright as his peanut butter cracker!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Play Ball!

Braedan's first tball game of the season was today and they won! And of course, he did fantastically well and had a lot of fun, but still his favorite part of it all is getting a snow cone afterward! He was definitely itching for an extracurricular activity and he loves playing baseball! It is so fun to see how far he has come after playing the last two years and if he's anything like his daddy, there will many more years of the ball field to come!

His team decided to put last names on the back of their jerseys this year instead of only first names, and since I don't usually share our last name online, you may think his photoshopped jersey looks a little strange!

And of course, a big hug for brother after the game!!