Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Yes, she's standing! Really, it's the combination of being propped up against the wall and those new shoes, which are hard soled! They were the only ones I could find as she hasn't worn shoes to church since we've been home! Just had to show off her cute dress!

Just hangin' out this afternoon!

Hopin' for sunshine tomorrow on our holiday to get some good swimming time in at Papa's house!


  1. Zoe looks like a little doll in her pretty pink dress!!! She looks like she is such a happy baby! Happy Memorial Day :)

  2. oooops! I forgot the "Y" in Zoey's name!! :)

  3. what a cute girl. Tell her not to grow up too fast before I get to meet her

  4. So cute! By the way, Walmart has "trainer shoes" softer soled with a little bit of traction...and one of the pairs is white sandals.