Friday, May 1, 2009

We're FINALLY home!

Just a quick update to let you all know we're home safe and sound and trust me, I could not be happier to be done with that trip home! It was nothing short of a nightmare and the plane ride seemed to drag on forever! I was fortunate enough to catch an earlier flight home to SA after standing in line for nearly 2 1/2 hours at customs then immigration, with four carry-ons and a hungry baby! Seon-Mi did amazingly well and I cannot complain about how great she held up. She's definetly a trooper! The plane ride home brought her first smile and laugh for me and I was overjoyed! On Wednesday, after a very tearful goodbye with her wonderful foster mother, Seon-Mi and I spent the night at the Holt guesthouse and while she grieved some, she played with me but would not let me put her down! She finally fell asleep at around 8:30 pm and slept through the night! She awoke at 5:30am and took a bottle, then layed down again as I finished packing and got ready to head out to the van where I was greeted by Maryann and Aaron and Rai. He too had done well the night before and we were all ready to get home! There was another baby who was picked up by his daddy and headed to Dallas and we all ended up in different parts of the plane. The flight was fairly full, but people were friendly and didn't mind the crying - or just didn't say anything! I was exhausted from not sleeping at all on the plane and ready to get home! I arrived in SA at about 1:30pm to waiting family and Seon-Mi took to her daddy right away! She has split her time between the two of us very well, and daddy took over last night for any feedings or wake ups so I could finally catch up on some much needed sleep. We are so happy to see her easily transition from back and forth from daddy and I. After having some family over a quick birthday party for brother, it was finally just the four of us and she opened up quite a bit! She and her brother interacted well and she even sat down and played with him for a while. Her schedule is totally off - her and I took a nap from about noon to 2pm and then daddy went up after me and they have been asleep ever since. Not too worried about changing any of that right now. Words cannot express how happy we are to finally be a family of four!

I'll post pics from the airport and coming home as soon as I have them...we had some family take those pictures on their camera. I'll try and post a pic or two every day or so just to tide everyone over! Thank you all so much for following our journey and being a part of this with us!

And to Maryann and Aaron...I cannot say enough great things about this couple, but just wanted to publicly thank them for all they did for me while in Korea! A big congratulations for getting Rai home and praying for them to have a smooth transition too! You guys are great and thank you so much, I could have never had the trip I did without you!

Gotta go, baby is awake! Here's some pics!

As we were walking back to the guesthouse, she fell asleep in the carrier and stayed asleep when I layed her on the bed. I couldn't believe I finally had her!

Just like the rest of us, Seon-Mi doesn't think brother needs his bobo either! (Pacifier)

Achoo! She loves it when someone sneezes, fake or not!

Since we moved her crib into our bedroom as her foster parent's did, we have a little more room to play on the floor of her bedroom. This was the first night home.

This morning we went outside to enjoy the breeze! LOVE her hair! Have no clue what to do with it as she won't sit still long enough for me to fix it!


  1. Love the new photos! Thanks Kim! It helps us feel we are there. I am so excited Zoey and Braedan are bonding too! Love You!

  2. Kim she is beautiful!!! I can't believe you finaly have her home! I bet you more so than me. I have been following all along and am so happy for you. I wanted to know what theme you have for her if anything so I can make you something cute. I'm so happy for you Danny and Braedan! :) Maybe one of these days we can actually see eachother!

  3. Aww the photos--she is beautiful and I think her hair is just perfect. Hannah doesn't like me messing with hers either--lol

  4. Kim, She is perfect and so beautiful!! The newest pictures are too sweet. It all seems unreal to me, as I am sure it seems to you. I am glad to hear that Danny and Braedon are bonding with her as well. I wish you all the best!! Melissa