Friday, May 8, 2009

First Swim of the Summer!

First swim! Zoey amazed us today and hopped right in Papa's pool (which is right next door!) She splashed, kicked and laughed out loud! Where her "fear of water" is, I just don't know!

Can this swim suit be any cuter?!

Hmmmm....I'm thinkin' I may like this!

Brother was right there to help her in!

It's hot out here!

I love swimming!

You like this Zoey?!?!

Who says we don't look alike?!?!?

Splashin' fun!

Even the dogs were hot!


  1. So why didn't ;you post any pics of you in a swimsuit? Zoey's suit is too cute. That last pic freaked me out-it looks like Cupcake.

  2. Great photos!! How funny is the one of the two of them making the exact same face?!!!