Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome our newest addition!

No, we're not pregnant and no we aren't in process again, but we did just add to our family this weekend! Check out our adorable new bagle! That's right, a half beagle, half basset hound! Isn't she too cute?!?!?!

A friend of my father's let him know that his beagle male and his basset hound female had a litter of twelve, that's right, TWELVE puppies five weeks ago! Two unfortunately didn't make it, but would he know anyone interested in one of the other ten? Uh, yah! We are the proud owners of a 10 year old beagle, basset hound, border collie, who I've had since high school. She's not really a huge kid fan so the kids (at least Braedan anyway) tend to stay out of her way. Zoey is such a dog lover and could not have been more thrilled to take a little visit to see all the puppies! All of the puppies had found homes except for three girls, and we chose the one that had a brown circle on the top of her head, just like her mommy, Dixie!

So here they are playing surrounded by puppies, puppies, puppies!

Here's Zoey following the mama around...

Just lovin' on more puppies!

Meeting my parent's dog for the first time (Our dog Molly is less than interested and has kept her distance since the puppy arrived home!).

Exploring her new backyard!

What a hard life this puppy has!

Pure delight! A boy and his dog! (And the W*almart commercial on in the background is pure coicendence! I do not either represent or advertise for them!).

So, our biggest issue...the name! So now that you've seen her, help us name her! We've narrowed it down to the following, so leave us a comment and give us your vote!

Shiloh (we know it's a boy name, but really like it, and it is her dad's name)
Dixie (her mom's name)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Got Shox?

Yesterday, I stopped by our local outlet malls to pick up some new shoes for my growing boy! They usually have pretty good deals on what would otherwise be ridiculously expensive kid shoes! Braedan wasn't with me, so I just picked out a pair and bought the next size up from what he wears now. When I pulled them out at home to show him, his response was, "Those shoes, AGAIN?!?!?" I realized there was a bit of a theme in the history of buying shoes for my boy but set out to prove him wrong! Let's just say it wasn't successful!

So I pulled out his "collection" and here is what I found...

N*ike Shox all the way down! SEVEN, that's right, SEVEN pair including yesterday's purchase! (He's only FOUR years old!) Why, I had no idea we "collected" Shox!

So, then I did what any mother would do...

And started a "collection" for Zoey too!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For a rainy day...or a sunny one!

Hmmmm...what could you make with these ingredients?

How about rice cereal sushi! Start by unwrapping a box of flavored roll-ups. Any flavor will do! And lay them out flat. Then follow package instructions to make your favorite rice cereal treats.

Let the cereal mixture cool slightly (so it won't melt through your roll-up!) before plopping a scoopful in the center of your roll-ups.

Spray your hands with some non-stick spray and press flat like you would the rice for sushi.

Lay two of your favorite licorice sticks in the center to act as your "meat".

Using a sushi roller, roll her on up! Just as tight and round as you would a regular sushi roll! (If you don't have a sushi roller, you could just use clear plastic wrap and your bare hands, but it won't be nearly as pretty!)

And wah-lah! One down, the rest to go!

Once you have rolled each one, let them fully cool and allow the rice cereal treats to set.

Then, with a sharp serated knife, trim off the end to even out the roll, then start slicing about 1/2" rounds down the roll.

Arrange on a fancy plate, and there you have it, rice cereal sushi!

And while your at it, throw in something healthy with these ants on a log...celery stuffed with peanut butter and raisins as the ants.


Did you notice the new blog on the right?

Go and check it out!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Asian Festival

Had a great time at the Asian Festival this past weekend, though, seriously, it would have been nice to see more Asians! Most of the performances we saw and demonstrations of the arts were all by people of non-Asian decent! Strange, but overall, it was fun to get out and do something a little different. They had mostly Chinese, Thai and Indian food and the crowds were out in masses! Lots of different vendors selling Asian inspired items from all over the world and even one booth housed information on a Chinese Adoption Agency. I had heard that in the past they had a Korean drummer group that performed, but didn't catch anything like that this year. You would think I would have a lot more pictures of the kids doing fun things, but they were mostly strapped into their strollers because of the crowds! Here's a few of the pics...

Braedan taking a little ride on Daddy's shoulders. (Daddy looks thrilled, huh?!?!!)

And with all the yummy homemade food vendors, my kids decided on corn dogs, and apparently a little pick of the nose...

My pretty girl!

Watching the Hula dancers...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Got Antibiotics?

We are finally finished with what seemed like a never-ending dose of antibiotics for ear infections! Zoey has become so used to taking medicine, sometimes up to four times a day, that she sees the syringe come out and like magic, she will lay on her back and open her mouth, even if it's on the cold kitchen tile floor! Here she is taking her last dose (the syringe is in my left hand) for what I hope is a looooong time and she even got a little sympathy from her brother who is happily pretending to get meds too!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day/Lunar New Year!

This was the best shot of them I could get as we headed out the door for church! The shot of the two of them looking at the camera and one not crying or running away was not happening! By the time I decided to just take individual shots, Braedan had had enough and you can tell by the fake smile he's giving me with a tear rolling down his eye! What a mean mommy I am!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feeling Better...

Well, I've been sick this week but finally feeling well enough to get off the couch and now I'm playing catch up because of it! Moms don't have time to be sick...EVER! There's just too much to do! Fortunately, I have the best husband who helps around the house and takes good care of me and the kids! Thank goodness for that!

Well, it's been absolutely amazing the difference Zoey's surgery has made! She is repeating everything and talking so much more!! I didn't think it would be this noticable, but it has! I wouldn't doubt she'll be talking in sentences soon! It just makes me feel that much more sad for her knowing that she was in so much pain and discomfort. She's been a trooper though and now I'm not so convinced that her ear troubles are to blame for a lot of the sleeping trouble she's had in the past. She is still the busy toddler, really only slowing down the day of surgery for a short time and back to her normal crazy self getting into everything and teasing her brother!

Here she is just a few days after surgery before church...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Surgery Day Pics

The many moods of a toddler recovering from anesthesia!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back to normal...

Happy to report Miss Zoey is doing great and back to her old self! We did enjoy the more mellow, laid back Zoey for a day! She is very busy and into everything at this age, so it was nice to have her "calm" for a little while! She's on some antibiotics (hopefully her last for a while) and first bath with her ear plugs went okay, though she's not too keen on anyone touching her ears. She did quite well with the anesthesia, though she never really "woke up" before she was given a dose of Lortab and konked out for about 5 more hours after the surgery! The best moment was when the Versed kicked in...she's very nervous around any kind of doctor settings and usually screams if nurses or doctors are anywhere near her. It was no exception the morning of her surgery, but once the Versed kicked in, she was literally waving and laughing at every nurse that came by! She didn't even make a peep when the nurse took her from my arms to take her to the OR. Just happy as could be! We've decided we could use some of that "mellowing" drug here at the house every once in a while! I have a few pictures the day of surgery I'll post another time...thanks for all the well wishes and prayers for our little one, hopefully she will feel so much better after this much needed procedure!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


It's tomorrow. Zoey has to report to surgery at 6:30am about an hour from our house. She will have ear tubes put in and her adenoids taken out. I can't say I'm not relieved that she will hopefully be clear of these ear infections, which is causing a lot of pressure and fluid build up and she's really been unable to hear well and dealing with a lot of ear pain. But I can't say I'm not totally freaking out! Neither of my kids have ever been under anesthesia or had surgery, so this is a bit of a shake up for me, but I know she will be fine and in the long run, much healthier. And to add to a day of "firsts", Braedan is having his first sleepover at my parent's house as we have to leave pretty early in the morning and will hang out with his papa till we get home. We don't often leave him (going to Korea was the first time I'd ever even been away for him for longer than a few hours!) and he NEVER spends the night anywhere! But he's right next door and in good hands, so nothing to fear. (We'll see how I sleep tonight!) In any case, prayers are appreciated (mostly for me!) though we know this a fairly routine procedure. Hopefully we'll be in and out and Zoey will get the rest she needs and have a quick recovery. Sigh. Everything will be okay, everything will be okay....:)

And I'm loving the new Clustrmap I added to our blog recently to check out who's viewing our blog and from where! I am super excited to see that there have been several hits from South Korea and I'm hoping it is one or both of Zoey's foster families! My blogging has been kind of lame since opening the Etsy store, but now I'm determined to keep up with it in the event it's them! So if they are reading this now, WELCOME! And thank you again for taking such excellent care of our beautiful girl for her first nine months of life! I hope this blog will be able to give you a chance to watch her thrive and grow! Letter and pictures coming to you soon in the mail! :)

In the meantime, if you haven't signed up for the giveaway going on at my Etsy shop, head on over and check it out! Winner will be announced tomorrow once I get home! I made the cutest dress today that will hopefully be listed by this weekend, so stop back by!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Guess who can write their own name?!