Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We'd like some Z's please...

Sleep. Something we're not getting a whole lot of lately! Zoey fights it till the end and Braedan has pushed staying up later to spend some extra time with us which equals doing dishes, laundry and household chores till midnight! Once our heads hit the pillow, it seems one of the kids wake up, so maybe we should just stay up all night! I remember pulling all nighters in high school and either not being phased at all the next day, or having the ability to sleep till noon to make up for it! It's amazing how parents can function on such little sleep! We wouldn't trade it for the world though and the payoff is obviously worth it! That's why they invented caffeine, right?!?!

Well, after thirty minutes and the wiggliest worm I have ever seen, I managed to pull off this some what of a hairstyle only for it to pulled out seconds after the camera went off! I don't what we're going to with that hair! Bows fall out all the time and her hair wants to lay flat on her forehead but her bangs are too long and get in her eyes. We don't want to cut it though because then we'll just keep running into the same problem over and over! So most days, I just do my best!

So after several mini parties to celebrate his birthday, now that they're all finally over, Braedan is now having withdrawal! On Saturday night he and I ran (really we drove) to the grocery store for some formula and he asked if we could pick up a chocolate cake. I caved and the whole way home, he kept asking to see it. Then he came up with what he thought was the best idea ever! "We should put a candle in it and sing Happy Birthday to me!" I explained that his birthday was over, but he insisted we pretend it was still here and do it all over again! So we got home, I took out a candle, sliced him a piece of cake and proceeded to sing "Happy Fake Birthday to you..." to him. He smiled the whole way through the song, made a wish and blew out the candle! After his cake was all gone, he said "Where are my presents?" "I know! How 'bout you wrap up all the toys in my playroom and I open them?" Gee, what a great idea! So I grabbed some of his birthday gift bags and loaded them up with toys from his playroom! He was just as excited to open them this time as he was the first! Here he is opening his "fake" birthday presents!


  1. I just read back through your post.. SO happy for you. Things seem to be coming along. I know the sleep issues are so hard. All I can say is it gets better...

  2. How cute! And what fun! I love the pretend birthday party!

  3. Adorable piggies--Love it!! No sleep here either--I guess it's overated--lol

  4. I think the fake bday is a great idea! My 4 year old had me buy a cake a few months ago and pretend it was a bday party too! thats what childhood is for! (IMHO)! maybe i am a softee at times, though! so is the plan to grow out Zoey's bangs? whatever you do, she is very cute!
    Nancy (from Holt BB)

  5. UGH!! The lack of sleep is one thing that will be very hard for me to get used to!! Love that you indulged your son with a pretend birthday! So cute!