Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pictures, pictures!

We had a bit of a rough day yesterday with what appears to be teething issues, which turns into eating and sleeping issues...but finally Zoey was able to get some much needed rest and she's still her happy self! We got up this morning to attend her first ever baseball game! Brother had Tball and so many people there were waiting to see her! She did really well, though shy at times, and enjoyed being outside even though is was very hot and humid! We had to run a few errands after the game and got caught in a HUGE rain storm! But even the loud crack of thunder didn't phase her (Braedan was practically curled up in the fetal position!) and is now taking a bottle from daddy to hopefully settle in for a long afternoon nap. And hopefully brother will take one soon too!

Thanks to Uncle Dave, Aunt Staci and Cousins Christopher and Emma for the cute dress! It's size 9 months and fits her perfectly!

She loves to look out the window!

This is actually my dress when I was a baby! Fits her great and so cute! As soon as I find myself in that dress, I'll post those pics too!

Waiting for Daddy to come home for lunch.

Aw, there he is! She loves her daddy! And apparently, we need to clean our windows!

In the car on the way to Braedan's Tball game this morning.

That's right, she's in her car seat and she's not crying! But that's because I was sitting right next to her!

Even after a long break from baseball because of the Swine Flu, Braedan did a great job and loves his team! (that's him in the blue!)

First baseball game as a family of four!


  1. I love it! I love all your photos!!! what a beautiful family!!!
    Nancy (momof2tobe on the holt bb)

  2. Aww I love all the pics. They are both too cute!! Love this layout on your blog too.

  3. Cute children and family you have! I hear you on the car seat thing. I am wondering if we will ever be able to go more than 10 miles down the road. UGH! Grace is the same way. She has been home one month. Congralations on being home with zoey.