Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two Weeks Home Today!

Unbelievable! Time is flying by and we are enjoying every minute of it! We still hope to get on some sort of schedule soon but things are going well! To make up for the last few days, tons and tons of pictures below! We feel truly blessed and honored to have these children in our lives. Happy two week anniversary to our family of four!

Saying Goodbye...This picture was taken at Holt when I was given Zoey forever. One last ride on her foster mother's back. I was exhausted as you can see in this picture! Could I possibly be carrying anything else?!?!?! I looked and felt terrible! But was so happy to finally be home! One tired Mommy and Baby happy to be home! Finally a family of four! Brother was so happy to see Mommy after leaving him for the first time ever! And Zoey clung to her daddy right away! First time sitting out in the front yard full of fresh, soft grass while brother was at school! Not sure what to think yet... Maybe... Ah! I do like it! Shout out to Kelly from the Holt BB for the cute bows! A little bit of Zoey noises!

I had mentioned a few posts ago that Zoey likes to dance...with just her head! I was able to catch it today on video for you!

And not to be out done! Braedan had to get his groove on too! And yes, that is a four year boy suckin' on a pacifier in the middle of the day...I'm choosin' my battles the last two weeks, and this is one I choose not to fight!!!


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