Thursday, May 21, 2009

Celebrating 3 weeks as a family of four!

The four and a half months waiting for Zoey to be home was, to say the least, hard. Days seemed to drag on. Heck, minutes seemed to drag on! There were truly moments when we thought she would never be here. And now, it's been three weeks! Things have really started progressing around here! Zoey will now happily take baths with brother in the big tub! And now, for the majority of the time, she does not scream in her carseat! She has also been sleeping much better at nights with only one or two wake ups. She is comforted easily by Danny or I, either by just being held, or a bottle. Most of the time, she ends up in bed with us and she is the squirmiest sleeper ever! Most mornings she will wake up the complete opposite way we layed her between us! I was not feeling very well last night and so my back was faced to her from about 2am on when she decided to join us in bed. Danny got up and left for work without me hearing and I didn't turn around to face her. But I was pleasantly waken by a tiny body crawling onto to my back! If she starts frequenting our bed more often, I think it would be best that we put the mattress on the floor...

And in honor of this milestone, Zoey decided it was time for her first diaper blowout since arriving home! Braedan had a Tball game today and we were already running late before we even got into the car. Parking was already pretty full, so we walked a LONG way to get to the fields. I hadn't been sitting there but 30 seconds when I took her out of the carrier and noticed a strange green streak on everything - the carrier, my shirt, my jeans, her dress, her legs...then I traced it to her freshly changed disposable diaper, as we take her out of cloth ones when we go out. It wasn't tight enough and you guessed it, the poop was halfway in, halfway out! By this time, it was up my arm and all over the place! So I walked. Walked all the way back to the car, but not in the carrier, since that would have made it worse! Got back in the car, so of course, it was now all over her carseat, and drove home to change her, and me! By the time I cleaned up everything and made it back to the game and walked back to the field, it was over! We had just enough time to say hello to a few people who hadn't met her and head home for baths. She is now sleeping peacefully in her crib. Ugh! I guess that one time in three weeks isn't so bad!

Overall, she is doing great, especially for the three week mark. Reading through the list of healthy attachment signs, she is showing several. She will still go between Danny and I with ease and keeps her distance from strangers, but will smile at them if she feels comfortable. She is not reaching out for anyone else to hold her and while the only other people she probably recognizes are my parents, she still makes sure we are close by when they are near. She is becoming more and more interested in the dogs and bunny and of course, still interested in whatever brother is doing! She's eating better too as we have found a few more foods she is used to, though she will NOT eat baby food from the jar! We need to make another trip to the Korean market to find a few more things on the list her foster mother gave us that she likes to eat.

I will say that being a mother of two has proven to be a much bigger job than I ever thought it would be! I am exhausted! Usually, your second one doesn't come crawling and eating solids while just meeting you for the first time! But I wouldn't change it for the world, and thank God every day for my wonderful husband and two beautiful children. As a little girl, I was never one to dream about a huge white wedding and six perfect children. I just wanted to do the best I could and feel complete. I never imagined at age 27, my life could be so fulfilling. I am grateful everyday for the miracle of adoption. Without it, I would not have the life I do.

Enjoying an unusally cool day outside for Texas!

Just playing around with her hair! Girls are just too fun! And SO different than boys! Braedan won't even let me comb his hair!

Cute outfit of the day! I couldn't get her to sit still long enough for her face not to be blurry!

And because he won't let us comb it, I decided to just shave it all off tonight! It's so much easier this way and I always break down around summer and do this to his hair! He's cute either way!


  1. Your daughter sounds just like our little Gracie! Sleeping, car seats, Food! Oh my goodness. Im happy for you, and she sound like she is doing great.

  2. Hey Kim,
    I have been keeping updated with your posts but never seem to have time to comment. I am loving all the adorable pics of your sweet Zoey... I am especially jealous of all that hair! Wow- it looks fun!

    So glad to hear you are doing well (minus the diaper blow- Enjoy each moment!

  3. Congrats on 3 weeks home! And the blowout story just cracked me up--sorry I know it wasn't as funny for you-lol. Hannah is sleeping in my bed as well when she wakes up--but as long as we get sleep who cares!