Saturday, May 23, 2009

Woohoo, three day weekend!

Rough night as far as sleeping last night, but a long fun filled day today despite the off and on thunderstorms. We're hoping to go swimming on Monday if the weather will hold out, Braedan is anxious to get in the water! We made it to the Korean market today for more snacks. There is such a great variety at our local store, we just wish it was a bit closer to our house! Zoey attended her very first wedding reception this evening for our bishop's son, and she was so excited, she crashed on her daddy's shoulder after being there for about 10 minutes! She was one tired girl and went to bed for good about a half hour after arriving home. She is so shy around strangers and will bury her face in my chest when someone talks to her or smiles at her. But it is clear she is really starting to know who we are and hanging on tight! Enjoy the pictures below!

Bed head! Zoey looks like this EVERY morning no matter what we do to her hair the night before! We've tried leave in conditioner, mommy's conditioner, mousse! Nothing will hold that hair down! Needless to say, we have to work on it a few minutes every morning to get it to lay down!

I love my sister! Braedan has been doing so well with Zoey, he loves her to death!

It's very rare lately for Zoey to sit still long enough for me to snap a clear picture! She is constantly reaching for the camera!

I swear this child has a beautiful smile! He's just very picky about when it comes out!

We love all the great hand me downs from Cousin Emma, this one included!

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  1. Our commissary has a number of Korean snacks. Have Mom stock up on some for you.