Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pictures, pictures!

Spreading the love...and the germs! This is quite common around here lately! Community sippy cups as well as anything else Zoey thinks she needs too! If you have something she wants, you better expect to share it! She'll crawl across the room if she spots you eating a popsicle! Big brother is always willing to share! (Well, not always!)

There's that bed head again!

We don't hang out often in Zoey's room, but we went in to put away some laundry today and she was very interested in the animals!

How cute am I?!

This is the hanbok I purchased for Zoey from Itaewon market while in Korea.

This is the beautiful hanbok that Zoey's foster mother gave her. As we get closer to her first birthday, we'll get some pictures made in both.

1 comment:

  1. Kim, were you able to get a hanbok while you were in Korea?
    The one you have for Zoey is just like mine :) And her one from her FM is similar to my sisters.