Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Busy, busy day again!

Zoey again had some sleep troubles, but fortunately caught up this afternoon with a longer nap and went with me to church this evening as I have a new position at church working with the youth and Daddy and Braedan were off to TBall practice after two long weeks of break because of the Swine Flu. Zoey did very well even with all the girls doting on her the entire time. She stayed close by when she crawled around the room and didn't attempt to crawl into anyone's lap but mine! It certainly made me happy to see that she starting to really recognize who I am. She was so well behaved and was so excited to come home and play with Daddy and brother for a few minutes before heading up to bed. She still screams every time she's in her carseat, but seems to console herself by the end of the short trips. I've tried everything from food, to bottle, to toys to distract her and even try to hold her hand while driving. Nothing seems to work and eventually she quiets down somewhat. Hope that she will get used to it soon enough...I feel awful when she screams like that!

Funny Braedan story today. Usually after TBall games, a parent will hand out tickets to the kids to get a free snowcone at the concession stand. They were running late today for practice and Daddy told him they had to hurry. So Braedan told him to "just drive faster". But Danny had to tell him "No, we can't drive faster or the police man will give us a ticket." To which Braedan replied, "Oh, so can you get a snowcone?" Four year olds are the best!

Sorry, no new pictures today! But working on getting both the airport pictures as well as some Korea sight seeing pictures up soon!

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