Thursday, June 11, 2009

We've made it six weeks!!!!!

Trying to unplug the vacuum cleaner while I vacuum. One of her favorite things to do!

So proud of herself for sitting in brother's booster chair!

Just still so unbelievable to me! The wait is absolutely torturous and then poof! Baby is home and the time flies! Our girl is just doing fabulous and we have absolutely nothing to complain about! Our family was great before, but she just adds that little somthing we were missing! Braedan and Zoey get closer every day and she just shrills with delight the moment she sees him every day! She has turned into a huge chatter box and will yell at the top of her lungs just for fun! She loves to be outdoors, especially in the pool, and will take every opportunity when the gate is open, to try her best at the stairs. She is cruising around furniture like a pro and has discovered which button to push to turn off the satelite when the TV is on and gets much pleasure from doing it! She has an obsession with small holes and will stick her finger into anything big enough, including your nose and ear! She is reaching for Danny and I all the time and will cuddle, give kisses and pat our back or face. She has six teeth now and knows how to use them! If you're not careful, she'll catch some flesh! She is still dealing with a few skin issues she was having in Korea, but we're finding what works best to keep it under control and so far, it's not bothering her too much. It is a complete feeling of euphoria and it feels as though she's been here all along. Happy six weeks home to our family of four!


  1. Wow!! I can not believe it is six weeks already! The time has flown for me following along reading about your journey. Happy six weeks....I am so happy that it is all going so well :)