Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 Months Home and 11 Months Old!

Whew! The time continues to fly by! I am happy to report that Zoey is doing well and such an active baby! She is still working on getting those six teeth popped all the way out and is biting everything, including us! And it hurts if she catches you! She is comfortable roaming all around the house and especially loves to get into anything she's not supposed to! She will even turn around and look at us before she does something naughty with a big smile across her face! If we tell her no, it just encourages her to continue! We just recently applied for her social security number and it should be arriving within a few weeks. Since we haven't finalized the adoption yet, it will be in her Korean name and we have to go back once she's citizen to change it. But we needed it now, so we'll just have to go back! We finally received her green card as well to prove her residency here in the states. Her balance is getting very good and we wouldn't be surprised if she was walking by her first birthday which is in just four weeks! Her hair is growing very fast and I've had to trim the back a bit to even it all out as we're trying to grow out her bangs so we can pull all that hair out of her face! She loves, loves, loves her brother and does great in the car as long as he is sitting next to her. Otherwise, the car is still a nightmare! She has decided she does not like baths again, whether we do it in the kitchen sink or with brother in the tub. She just plain doesn't like it! We continue to try and find foods she'll eat regularly as she still refuses to eat anything that comes out of a baby jar. We frequent the Korean market to stock up on her favorite snacks. She is still trying to sleep through the night consistently, we hope she figures that one out soon! She has discovered the bunny Lizzie and comes in the office to greet her everyday. She loves to badger the dogs too and squeals with delight when they let her. She is recognizing now who we are, though is not yet addressing us by any particular name yet! The talking has not quite started! I could go on and on about this wonderful little girl, but I'll stop by saying we love her with all our hearts and feel so blessed to have her! Though she's only been home two months, we feel like it's been forever!


  1. Have you tried just giving her adult food? or smashed adult food? my daughter was totally off baby food before her 1st birthday and eating adult food...cooked peas, corn, carrots, chicken chunks, bread, low-syrup canned fruit, etc.

  2. Yay and Wow 2 months already!! It sure does go by fast. Sounds like Zoey and Hannah are so much alike with the smiling before being naughty and the no encouraging it--lol. She is so beautiful!!!

  3. Congratulations on your sweetie pie. Grace will celebrat 11 months old and home 11 weeks home. It is fun to see what the two girls are doing since so similar in age. Bumber she doesn't like bath time again. I hear ya on the car rides. UGH!! You have a beautiful family, God bless you sweet people.