Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Favorite Things!

I have wanted to do this for a while and since the camera ran out of batteries, so I can't post any pictures, I thought today would be the perfect day!

Price $149.99 at Babies R Us
This is a bit of a splurge in my opinion for a high chair, but it is worth every penny! First of all, it matches our kitchen cabinets perfectly and looks like a piece of furniture! Zoey loves it and it's so comfortable, easy to clean and can be used for quite some time as it later converts into a toddler chair to sit up to the table. I would buy this again in a heartbeat!

Price $60.00 at Post Exchange Air Force Base
I must admit, I thought I could get away with not purchasing one of these, even though I had two with my son and he loved it. I actually called my mother from Korea when Zoey's foster mother said she loved hers at home! She found it for just $60 at the local PX with no tax! But you can't put a price on something thats keeps baby happy and in one place while you get that much needed trip to the bathroom!

Price $60.00 at Pottery Barn Kids
I absolutely LOVE Pottery Barn, but usually can't afford, and aren't willing to fork over the asking prices. My son's room is baseball themed all Pottery Barn Kids, not one thing did I pay full price for! Either Ebay or outlet store. Fortunately, I found this set on clearance at our local store and for the crib skirt, bumper, sheet and blanket, paid just $60 with tax! I then splurged a little and found the three circus prints for the wall online for $45 and my husband made frames. I just draped unhemmed yellow fabric at $2 per yard from the ceiling to make a tent like feel and also from the windows. All that, and she sleeps in our room!

Price $150.00 at Full Circle Baby (local store)
Okay, okay, call me crazy, but this is worth every penny and after using it, I would pay more! I have tried the Moby Wrap, which is great, but really geared towards infants as Zoey squirmed her way right out of that thing! Then we tried the Baby Bjorn, which again is great, but really puts all the weight of the baby on your shoulders and doesn't provide a whole lot of support for the baby. After several great tips from the ladies on the Holt BB, I broke down and forked over the money and couldn't be happier! All the weight really distributes on your hips and I can carry Zoey forever without any effort at all! She will even ride on my back in this as well as take cat naps at church. Today I just strapped her on my back and vacuumed the entire house, including the stairs! I have the exact print below and LOVE that Danny will wear this too! By far, this takes the cake and is my favorite product!


  1. I love all your posts. Where did you get the carrier, or where can I find one on line. Grace would love if she could be on my back as i vacume.
    Thanks for your help

  2. I found them on line. Thanks so much. I have one but it hurts my shoulders sooo much. I will seriously think about getting one of these kind. Yeah

  3. Glad to hear it Tina! I think you will LOVE it! Hey, do we have the same "Gotcha Day"?

  4. Thanks for the "reviews!"
    I love to hear from other moms who have actually used something and liked it! I bought the Becco last month and have been anxiously waiting for a baby to put in it! I bought the carnival print though and even though it is VERY girly, DH claims he will still wear it when she comes! We'll see!

    We don't have a high-chair right now and I have looked at that one that you have, not sure about spending the $ on it. I may have to look into it again!