Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A little purple box...

I used to jump for joy when anything came in the mail from Holt International, our adoption agency. It was so exciting to just have something tangible to prove our daughter was real. Even if it was just paperwork, we still felt like it could get us through the day sometimes. Now that she's home, not a whole lot comes from Holt anymore, so imagine my surprise to find a small package in our mailbox yesterday from them. Zoey and I came inside to see what it was and pulled out a letter that read, "We have received the enclosed from you child's foster family". There was a picture of Zoey and her foster mother and a little purple box. Inside was a beautiful necklace with a Korean flag charm and Seon-Mi's name and birthdate engraved on the back. I teared up remembering that as we come into our seventh week of being a family of four, Zoey's foster family mourns their seventh week without her. I remember how I literally ached for her to be home, yet I did not know her yet. I remember some days it was hard to even get out of bed to face another day without her. I can only imagine the sacrifice and love it has taken for Zoey's foster mother to say goodbye. I must realize though it is part of this process and how we will remain eternally grateful to this wonderful woman and her family.

I have never before posted her picture in an effort to protect her identity, but today's post is about honoring a woman who so selflessly gave five months to a little girl she may never see again, and loves her unconditionally, though she knew she would not have her forever. I will not leave it up but for a day or two, but thought she deserved this tribute.

The best part of it...when I handed Zoey the picture and said "Omma", she smiled and pointed at the picture. Adoption is truly a miracle.


  1. Hi Kim! I received your sweet thank-you note today. Thanks for letting us know about your blog! That picture of Zoey holding the picture of her and her foster mom is very touching. She's a lucky little girl to be loved by so many people!

  2. You've got me crying now! Zoey's foster mother sounds like such a gift. What a lucky little girl you have to have had such wonderful care in her early months of life.

  3. Oh my- that is wonderful!
    So precious- and what a treasured keepsake those photos and the necklace will be.
    What a blessing.

  4. How beautiful. I just found you blog from the forum. This is so sweet and very touching. What a blessing for your angel. :) Rhea Anne

  5. Aren't foster mothers so amazing!! They do so much for our little ones before they come home. Your little Zoe is just too cute!



  6. Yay you got yours too!!! Aren't they adorable!