Thursday, June 25, 2009

8 Weeks Home, 3 Steps and a Two Hour Nap!

Well, the title sums up our day today! But to elaborate...we can't believe we hit our 8 week mark today! Zoey celebrated with a TWO hour nap this afternoon! This is big because she doesn't sleep much for me during the day! Ususally an hour and fifteen minutes is awesome! I was able to actually get some things done around the house! We went over to chat with my parents (and eat dinner, of course!) and she pulled up on my legs and walked THREE steps on her own to the end table!!!! She has been pulling up on furniture since arriving home and has more recently taken a step but not before grabbing onto something near by. So we were thrilled to see this today! I have a feeling she'll be walking at her first birthday later next month! Way to go Zoey!

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