Monday, June 22, 2009

Another package from Holt!!

Yet another package arrived in the mail, this time containing a small box with Zoey's little umbilical cord that was attached to her belly button! Maybe weird to some, but I think it is something very neat to have! The best part was a journal filled with entries from her first foster family in the city she was born! While it is all in Korean and I have yet to have it translated, the dates range from her date of birth, July 31, 2008 all the way till November 12, when she was transferred to her final foster home before I picked her up. I'm already thrilled and I have no idea what it even says!

I just cannot say enough good things about these wonderful familes giving so selflessly to these children. I have often wondered about this first foster family as it has been months since they have seen Zoey and I wondered if they knew she had found her family. We do know that it was a young couple with a elementary school aged son, and we hope that since this journal was now sent to us, they now know she is with her forever family.

We are eternally grateful to these two wonderful families who took such wonderful care of our precious Seon-Mi. To both of them, thank you.


  1. Wow! That's such a blessing. I am increasingly more impressed by the Holt foster families.

  2. Zoey's going to have more details of her first few months than Braedan :)

  3. What an amazing gift to receive! I can only imagine how much this will mean to Zoey when she gets older.