Monday, June 8, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

After a bit of a blog funk from being sick, I'm playing catch up with some things I didn't get to post when they happened. First up, Braedan's last Tball game on May 30 which also included a party with his team at Peter Piper Pizza and his very first trophy!

Braedan attends a Kids Day Out Program and because of Swine Flu delays, he just ended the year on June 4. He adores his teacher and this program helped him learn so much! He also received a special award..."For Excellence in the Martial Arts". Aka - fighting with the air! It's mostly when he's pretending to be a Transformer!He does this at home so it's no surprise, just very funny to hear he does it at school too!

And of course, an update on our girl! She's teething! In the nearly six weeks we've been home, she's popped up four new teeth! Needless to say, she's had a little trouble sleeping and the drool is just unstoppable! But she's still in good spirits and we're looking forward to spending time with out town family next week that hasn't seen her since her homecoming!

Here she is at her first "restaurant" outing! We have never taken her out to dinner so she's never sat in a high chair but her own, but loved it at Brother's Tball party!

Our house is cluttered with toys, but she has an obsession with Croc sandles and will find whatever pair is left out and stick her fingers in the holes!

You can't be in our family if you don't own some sort of Houston Astros gear! We bought this hat before she came home and had yet to try it on her!


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