Friday, June 26, 2009

Familes are Forever

All seven grandchildren from left to right - Riley (my sister's oldest) holding Zoey, Eddie (my sister's youngest), Emma (my brother's youngest), Spencer (my sister's oldest boy), Braedan and Christopher (my brother's oldest)
My precious girl!

My handsome red-headed boy!

My proud parents with all the grandchildren!


  1. What beautiful photos!!! ( did you do any of you and your hubby and kids??!!! )

  2. Thanks Colleen! And no, just the grandkids and my hubby was at work and my sister's hubby couldn't come with, so no family pics this time!

  3. Kim... I am trying to respond through the BB, but everything seems to be stuck in my outbox and not going to my sent box. Have you received any of them?

    PM me through the BB and we can exchange e-mail addresses?