Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two Families, One Boy, Much Love

As some of you may know, last November, Danny and I requested a file from the photolisting of the Waiting Child Program through Holt International, which finds homes for children who have special needs and/or medical conditions. We knew this would bring a referral much faster than the standard program and knew we could love a child no matter what the circumstances. And, though they tell you not to, we fell in love with him right away and felt he would make a wonderful addition to our family. We called Holt to let them know we would like to proceed with the adoption, but was informed that another family was also interested and we would have to go to committee for the final decision. After what seemed like an eternity, though it was only three weeks, we waited by our phone on the day of committee. We were devastated when we got the call and were told that the other family had been chosen. It didn't help that all three of us had been down with flu the entire week.

But we were thrilled to know that this little boy had found his forever family. It was the very next day that we received a phone call from the same social worker to let us know we had been matched with our Zoey. Had we not gone to committee for this little boy, our paperwork would be no where near ready to accept a referral from the program and our homestudy had just been completed that day, so the committee would have it to review. We realized that precious Hui-Seung had lead us to our baby girl. And now two children have found their forever families.

Just a few months later, through the Holt Forum, where adoptive families from all over the world can support one another and share in our journey's, I found the "other family". And for the past several months, we have been in contact and developed what I hope to be a long time friendship! What a blessing it is to have this wonderful family in our lives! As we approach our two month mark since Zoey arrived home, Beth and her family just received the "Travel Call" today! Now named Micah, Hui-Seung will be home forever next Tuesday, June 30! We could not be happier for them and think they have done such a great job waiting this excrutiating last six months! He and Zoey will have the same "Gotcha Day" just two months apart! We wish them the best and pray for a quick and smooth transition to a family of four!

And the biggest blessing of all is being able to now watch Micah grow up! He just recently turned 18 months old and is doing very well! The last picture Beth and her family received was this one taken several months ago! So they are excited to see him in person as I'm sure he has changed so much!

To Beth and her family, thank you for letting us be a part of your journey! We are two families, joined together by one boy, with much love for him! Happy soon to be Gotcha Day!


  1. Thanks Kim for sharing, what a wonderful story! Welcome home sweet baby Micah!!!

  2. Kim,
    Your story continues to astound me! God has certainly blessed your family and you have a wonderful way of sharing that on this blog.

    And happy 8 weeks (us too:-)-every day gets better and better!