Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why thank you!

I am a big thank you writer. I have a bit of an obsession about it. You do something or give something to us, you'll get a thank you. But how do you say thank you to someone who took care of your child? Simple. Send pictures of that precious baby! I was finally able to get some collages together to send to both foster families that cared for Zoey while she was in Korea the first nine months of her life. One family had her from birth till she was four months old, and the other five months until the day I picked her up. After being home three months, I really regret not sending anything sooner, but am happy I was able to include pictures from her Tol Party as well. We have also decided that each year on her birthday we will send something to be put in her file in the event that someone in her birth family inquires about her. I would love for there to be pictures waiting for them. A friend from the Holt Forum, who got her travel call today (yay!) volunteered to hand deliver the pictures and letters, which puts my mind more at ease that they will make it into the right hands. I kept the letters simple, as they will need to be translated and hope that by sending updated pictures often, they will know just how much we appreciate them and what they did for us, as well as for Zoey. They are the reason she is so happy and fun loving today, because of the love she was given by them. I think about them often, especially since I had the priveledge to meet her last foster mother when I traveled to Korea. What wonderful women we are honored to have part of our lives!

I always try and come up with something clever for thank you notes and while the party was a week and a half ago, I finally came up with something cute! I collected all the birthday cards she was given and made them the back drop for the Korean word for thank you, gamsahamnida. I had the image printed on cards at Walmart. So, some of you reading this...look for this card in your mailbox soon!!!

And finally, today was a bit of a rough day for Zoey. And I. And Braedan. She has been running a fever since Sunday, but today was just not herself. Won't take a bottle, eating very little and having some diaper issues. She wouldn't sleep unless I was holding her and poor Braedan was just plain bored basically roaming the house on his own! But fortunately, late this afternoon, the fever broke with no medication and she ate everything we put in front of her! She was even walking around bugging her brother as usual and proceeded to turn the satellite on and off and on and off. We knew with that, she was back to her old self! I'm not totally convinced it's all teething but I'm not entirely sure it's something else either. So we're going to play it by ear and see what tomorrow holds. Hopefully not a trip to the doctor. We are just so thankful she has been so healthy and well taken care of in Korea. We are hoping for a good nights sleep for everyone and maybe we could even leave the house tomorrow!!!

And just one more thing...a shout out to my sister on her birthday!! I love you and you are the best (and only!) Korean sister I have!! Happy 29th Birthday!! Be proud of it! (Cause next year, you'll be 30!)


  1. Great thank you card idea! And super cute photo collage! Can you believe it has been over 3 months since we traveled? Time flies!

    Take care and get some sleep. We'll keep our fingers crossed that Zoey feels better soon!

  2. I love the thank you idea. I love coming up with creative thank yous as well. Last year for his b-day thank yous, I had PJ make the letters T and Y with his body. I took pictures and used a graphics program to fill in the rest.
    Keep us updated on Zoey. I hope she's better soon.