Sunday, August 16, 2009

The sleep keeps comin'!

For the first night in her own room, Zoey did great! She woke only three times, one to take a bottle, and the others were short in duration and went back to sleep quickly. We actually went into her room around 9am after waiting for her to wake up and there she was just playing in her crib! Amazing! While I know this sleeping arrangement would not have worked when she first arrived home, I am so pleased to see her confidence after three and a half months home and sleeping in her own room. We're so proud of her! And the extra sleep for us has been priceless!

And a cute story from big brother today...we were watching Pinocchio this afternoon, which I haven't seen in years. When the fairy came to turn Pinocchio into a "real boy", I asked Braedan, "Oh, wow! So now he's a real boy!" To which he replied, "No, mommy, he's still a puppet. He can't be a real boy till he can learn to be brave!" Sure enough, the next scene, the fairy told Pinocchio that he needed to be brave, etc. before he could turn into a real boy!!! Huh?!?! How did he know that? Apparently, while he was hanging out with his papa yesterday, they watched that part and after only seeing it once, understood the concept completely! :)

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  1. Eddie went to sleep after 9:00 and was up at 5:27-my kids are so broken