Sunday, August 30, 2009

4 Months Home!

Amazing how fast time has gone by! Hitting our four month mark is a big deal since we waited four months and 4 days for our travel call after receiving Zoey's referral. She is doing remarkably well and has turned into quite the chatter box and much more of a toddler rather than a baby. She currently says about seven words, which sort of happened over night! She says bye bye (and waves), hello, uh-oh, go, no, mama and dada. The biggest milestone we have reached is that she is sleeping through the night consistently now! It's amazing what a difference that makes in our house with everyone! Her naps are better during the day and she is much happier during awake time. The carseat is finally facing forward and she is now comfortable riding in the car with or without big brother. She has definetly got a little naughty in her as she often does things she's not supposed to with a big fat smile on her face and promptly throws a little tantrum when we divert her attention elsewhere! She will sit still for the most part so I can do her hair in the morning and while she still doesn't love her baths, she tolerates them much better than before. She is just walking everywhere and enjoys other people, as long as they don't try and pick her up! We are so happy with our family of four and continue to enjoy our two little blessings!

It is definetly clear that Zoey's personality is shining through as dad teaches the adult Sunday School class at church and she is still having a hard time figuring out why Papa gets to stand at the front of the class and everyone looks at him and listens to what he has to say. She will walk to the front of the class and hold her arms out for him to pick her up frequently, even though we try to keep her occupied so he can teach. Today, she was especially clingy to him, and for the third time, held her arms up for him to hold her. And of course, Papa can't resist, so he scooped her right up and continued on with his lesson. She was snacking on a little rice cracker so her hands were a bit salty. As he talked, she started to stick her fingers in his mouth. As the class started to giggle a bit, he made the comment that her hands tasted salty and wondered where they had been. As he said this, Zoey proceeded to stick her finger up her nose as if answering his question and enjoyed the reaction she got from her audience! I am always concerned that new people don't know she is his grand-daughter and just think I don't watch my kid and let her crawl all over the teacher! But for the most part, people know the relationship and just think she is the cutest thing ever. And of course, we do too! We are so happy to have these last four months with our precious daughter!

Here's a few pictures of our silly little girl we took at dinner this evening...


  1. I'm sure Dad was loving it as much as Zoey

  2. So cute! That middle picture reminds me of Suzy's Stevie when she was little...maybe it's just the pure joy :)

  3. Happy 4 months!! She is so cute and is doing so well. I am so glad to hear she has tantums--because Hannah has being doing it lately. I never know what is normal and what is attachment related so I worry. Thanks for making me feel better!

  4. That is so hilarious about your dad holding her in SS, and the finger up the nose bit. I bet that livened things up quite a bit!!!