Thursday, August 13, 2009

It all makes sense now...

I know it's hard to tell from this picture (it didn't turn out as well as I thought it had) but after the rash developed today, we figured out what was going on. And thanks to a fellow adoptive parent and friend, Kelly (you can check out her cutie on my blog list at "Life With Briar"), I realized (though my mom claims she realized it first) that Zoey has roseola. I remember reading about it on Kelly's blog that Briar had it and how she ran a fever in the days prior to the rash. So I relied on a good 'ole GOOGLE search and sure enough, it's exactly what we've had going on here. Starts with a high fever, then turns into a rash all over the trunk area and can spread to the rest of the body, which it has. It's starting to creep up to her face and arms and a little on her legs. She just has small red bumps all over. Fortunately, they don't itch and the fever is now gone, but she is highly contagious to kids three and under and will probably have the rash at least another several days. You can read all about it here: I'm happy we at least figured it out but know it's just a waiting game till the virus works through her body and she is back to normal. She is still a little fussier than usual, but other than that, since the fever has broken, seems to be okay. So thanks Kelly, (and my mom!) and hopefully this post will help someone in the future who will now know what roseola is!!

By the way, Kelly is co-owner of briar.claire. Most of the cute bows Zoey wears are from her store! You can check it out here:


  1. That is so interesting... my 22-month-old had the high fever a few weeks ago, and Shelley (other half of briar.claire) told me about Briar having it, and also that her own son had it at the same time. We live in two different states, so I didn't really think too much about it being the same thing... but sure enough, after the high (very high) fever for about 4-5 days, it broke and the rash appeared. Our pediatrician confirmed it.

    It must be "going around"... all over the place, since the four of us are from three different states. :)

  2. Ok, me too! The doctor said the rash wasn't like roseola (not rosy enough) but exactly like what you are describing! That is too crazy! It took Hannah about a week to finally feel better (i.e. not cranky and up a lot at night) and we got a few great nights of sleep out of her. So 'fun' that our girls even share their illnesses across the country!