Friday, August 21, 2009

When you wish upon a....Bobo Fairy???

My son is addicted to his pacifier. He calls them Bobos. And yes, in our house, they deserve to be capitalized. So after watching an all-knowing episode of the Supernanny, I got the idea about a "Bobo Fairy". A few days ago, I explained to Braedan that she had called me and said that there were babies in Korea who needed Bobos and that since he was such a big boy, would he be willing to give them to her so she could take them to the babies in Korea who needed them. If he was willing to give her all six of his Bobos to her, in return, she might even bring back six little special presents for him. I told him to think about it and when he was ready, we would call her back and let her know to come and get them. Well, yesterday, he told me he was ready and that we should call her. So we did. And she promised to come and get them right away.

So we packed up all the Bobos...

Walked outside to the front porch...

And left them for her to pick up.

All the Bobos were ready to go...(except for one we found a little later!)

And we left her a note...

And then did the happy dance while we waited for her to come!

Later that evening, we discovered she had come and taken the Bobos!! But in return, she had left some very special gifts in their place!

And we made sure that Daddy counted so it was an even trade.

We took everything inside to see what she had brought...

And Braedan was very pleased with the results.

It took a little while for reality to set in that the Bobos were not coming back. After a few tears and a little begging for the Bobos to come back, he finally fell asleep at 1:30am. Through sobs, he even said to me,
"I just want to keep this one Transformer, so tell the Bobo Fairy to come back and get the rest and give me five Bobos back".
This was exactly the reason we did an even trade, he's one smart cookie! I told him that the Bobos had already been delivered to the babies in Korea and it seemed to calm him down some. But he was up again crying hysterically at 4:30am and then was up for good at around 7am. So none of us had too much sleep, but the important thing is....he did it! We have told him over and over how proud we are of him and a huge smile lights up his face every time he hears it. It will obviously take more than just one night to overcome this addiction and believe me, it's not just hard on him. I had a few break downs myself and it broke my heart to hear him cry and ask for them back. But he's happy this morning and playing with his new toys and talking about the babies in Korea who now have his Bobos. We hope he will settle in for a long nap this afternoon, Boboless and happy. Whew, no one said parenting would be easy, but it's definetly worth it!!

Thank you Bobo Fairy!


  1. LOL! That reminded me of "Digging to America", when she sends all the pacifiers off on balloons.

    Good luck! That is so sweet when he is looking at the bag after putting it on the porch...

  2. Heather got the idea from someone to put them all inside a build-a-bear and then Tallie could cuddle it. Sounds great, until she tried to rip it open to get them back

  3. Aww I watched that show too and thought it was such a cute idea. He is too cute wanting 5 back--aww what a sweetie you have. You did a great job--proud of him and you!

  4. What a sweet and creative thing to do! You are one good mommy, Kim! :)

  5. What a touching post about your little guy. What a sweet idea. You are wonderful parent!