Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend Fun

Friday night we went to my fifteen year old brother-in-law's first varsity football game of the season. Danny and I graduated from that very high school almost ten years ago and it is always strange to be back, especially to see old friends of ours now coaching his brother! The cheerleaders are doing the same cheers I did on that field and some of the very same coaches are still there! It was a first for Zoey, who did quite well for only taking an hour nap that day since the game didn't even start until 7:30pm. But she handled the noise well and while we didn't stay the entire time, she was clapping right along with everyone else! It was actually Braedan who had a melt down first begging to go home once his concession stand candy was all gone! They won 27-17. Go Buffs!

We just hung around the house today, swimming and watching the Little League World Series. A team from San Antonio was playing for the US Championship and while they didn't win, it was fun to see them make it that far. Zoey was cuddling her baby while watching the game!

Big Foot, Little Foot!

Zoey and I just hanging out.

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