Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Autobots.

Every time I see a minivan with the little stick people decals on the back windshield representing each member of their family, sometimes including their dog, cat, bird and fish (yes, I have seen this!), I say to myself...

"Self, that is so not something I would do!"

(That is, drive a minivan or put stick people decals on my back windshield!)

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against people who drive minivans!

And frankly, if people wanna represent their family members by putting a stick person decal on the their back windshield, power to them!

I guess it gives bored drivers like me something to look at when we're stopped behind them at a red light!

But now, I must keep my mouth shut.

No, I didn't buy a minivan.

No, I didn't paste stick people on the back of my SUV.

But, I did put Autobot faces.

As in, Transformers (the good ones, of course!).

And this might be worse than driving a minivan or pasting the stick people!

Yes, my family of four is now represented on the back of my SUV with Autobot heads.

And yes, they did have dog Autobots I could have purchased too.

But that's where I draw the line!

We are big Transformer fans at our house, in fact, I am seriously contemplating selling them after Braedan graduates from high school to pay for his college!

That's how many we have!

(And for the record, my husband and I only play with them some of the time.):0)

And so, now, I guess we are the Autobots.

But don't expect us all to be in full costume when you look inside our car as we're driving down the street next to you....

or at least not every time, anyway. :0)


  1. This is too cool!!!! Love it!!!!

  2. you should totally get the dog ones, too. :O)

  3. LOL! Brent and I both laughed about this one...especially the bows on the girls heads.