Friday, December 31, 2010

This what December in Texas looks like.

Yes, this is what we were doing the last days of December in Texas!

Washing cars

in our short sleeves

bubbles everywhere

clothes soaked

hands in bucket

Sonic slushes in hand!
(Braedan's cousins are enjoying this weather, as last year,
they were up to their waist in snow!)

Even the dogs enjoyed the beautiful weather

and Lizzie the bunny too!

But it is still Texas, so of course, we found this snake (thankfully already dead) right next to where we had just been sitting.

And what would a 'warm winter's night' be without a little s'mores?

We roasted up some marshmallows in the new fire pit

well, technically, this one's on fire!

But they sure were delicious!

Ending our 2010 with some family time in our short sleeves, car washing, s'more making way! Happy New Year!


  1. lucky! we only got 2" of snow instead of 10", that's a plus, lol!!!!

  2. Oh, my! Just a little envious over here:) I could use a little sun with this freezing weather. Such cute kids:)

  3. S wants to know where all the funny pics of him are?

  4. i can't even imagine it being that warm this time of year! i was totally creeped out by the snake, but quickly forgot all about him when i saw the shot of the smores. ;) happy new year!