Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Ever Popular DS.

Braedan got a N*intendo DS for Christmas and I tell you, this thing is pretty darn popular around our house!

Yes, I have been known on occassion to be playing it all by myself while the kids are napping or asleep, and yes, there was one night, that in all fairness, I couldn't sleep anyway, so I played DS till 4am.

And yes, I just admitted that!

Every time it gets turned on, Zoey is so interested, but she's the one person in the house we won't allow to play with it!

(This girl can break anything, even when you think it's unbreakable, so we've learned our lesson!)

She was particularly interested the other night when Braedan was playing and I just had to pull out my camera and capture her arm around her brother, watching ever so closely!

Big brother was not thrilled and according to him, she not only caused him to 'die' several times, she also licked his ear!

Yes, I believe it!

Let's just say he finally got fed up with it!!

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  1. We are getting two for our older two, the summer of 2012 for our visit to Korea. My daughter currently 5 has asked and this was my answer. For the trip. They will be 5 and 7 by then. Jack will be 3 and will get the Leapster hand-me downs.