Sunday, January 9, 2011

I lost five pounds and went on a date.

I didn't know what else to title this post. :0)

So to explain...

I lost five pounds this week...of hair.

For the third time, I cut off my hair and donated it to Locks of Love.

I was long overdue for a haircut and it ended up much shorter than I had hoped, but its for a good cause and it's just hair, right?

It'll grow back.

The recipient of my hair is in far more need of it than I, so I would cut more if they asked.

13" to be exact, and I swear to you, it feels like it weighs five pounds!

I have no idea how I've been carrying that around for so long! So much easier to manage and wash, that's for sure!

And in all seriousness, it would have been nice to lose an actual five pounds.

And hopefully, I will.

My dad and I are starting our diet tomorrow and have a bet going for the most percentage of weight lost, winner to be determined in June.

So stay tuned! No, I will not be posting 'before' pictures of myself! Maybe after! See me in June. :0)

And on to the date...

this past Tuesday my husband and I celebrated eight years of marriage!

We didn't do anything on the actual date,
but did get out together this past Friday.

Sad, but true, this was our first date in at least two years, if not longer.
No joke!

We enjoyed dinner and conversation with no interruptions
and a nice adult movie
(as in one that is not animated, not the other one! Eeewww!).

And a double date with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie isn't too shabby!
(we saw The Tourist)

This is us eight years ago on our honeymoon in Cancun.

This is what I'm hoping my 'after' picture will look more like!

If anything, it's proof that I once looked like this. :0)

And just because, here's my little munchkin rockin' her sumo wrestler hair!


  1. Locks of Love is wonderful! When I was 10 I had childhood leukemia and lost all of my hair from chemo but because of Locks of Love I had the most beautiful wig and nobody ever knew! I can only imagine what a beautiful hairpiece your donation will make! Thank you for being so generous :)

    And...Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Congrats on 8 years! We celebrated 8 years in 2010. I also donated to Lock of Love for the 3rd time. Maybe it's a Korean thing...j/k ;)
    I'd love to see a picture of the new do!

  3. what a wonderful thing to do to donate your hair! ( my 10 year old niece recently did the same. :) so where is the after photo sister?!! i bet it looks amazing!
    glenn and i haven't been out even once in the year and an half that noah has been home. we are hoping for a movie and dinner for our anniversary in Feb. too. :)
    and i am starting my " new way of eating" tomorrow too. that and getting my big butt back on the treadmill. somethings gotta give! maybe we can motivate each other? :)

  4. zoey's hair is growing so fast she'll be able to donate soon, too!!!

    i'm not sure what to congratulate more, the 8 years of marriage or the going on a date, lol!!! (it would probably be the date for us!)

  5. and, you must do a "before" picture, because we want to see your new 'do!

  6. I've been a a few diets w/ Dad. He'll lose like 10 pounds a week-so just don't ask him. or you'll get discouraged

  7. where's your after picture? i want to see you with your new do.
    so glad you and your hubby were able to have a night out for yourselves. two years is way too long so i hope this becomes a regular thing for you.