Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yes, my birthday was last week...

but the celebration continued this week too!

And look at this fabulous cake my niece 'Bird' (no, that's not her actual name, just her nickname!) made with her brand new Cricut Cake Maker she got for Christmas!

Our dream is to open a bakery some day together. :0) I adore this girl!

And an can never go wrong with a red velvet cake and homemade cream cheese frosting!


  1. Beautiful AND YUM! Wow! What amazing talent. I'd definitely buy a cake like that! ;)

  2. beautiful cake, it looks really good! i have never had red velvet cake!

    i am cracking up at your niece's of my uncle's called me "niece bird" all growing up because i was such a light eater!! :O)