Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some big news. No pun intended.

Well, I think it's big anyway.

You may not! Maybe it's just news!

You might remember me mentioning in a previous post that my dad and I started our New Year's diet two weeks ago and we have a bet going to see who can lose the largest percentage of weight by the end of June.

After two weeks, I am proud to say I am down 10 pounds! (and several inches)

I have a lot more to go, but truth be told, we are eating better now then we did before the diet! As in, better tasting and more of a variety and quality of food!

We drink two protein shakes a day, plus two protein bars as snacks and then eat super healthy, low carb, low fat for dinner. My dad is down 16 pounds!

We are using the same program that everyone in my family has probably used at least once, if not more! And it's also the program that everyone used to slim down for my wedding, where mostly everyone in my family was at their healthiest weight! (Well, except for me anyway, I was waaaaay too thin at my wedding! I had a size 4 dress that had to be altered! I'm not bragging, I'm just wishing I had that problem instead of my current one!)

Without getting too personal, because this is a bit of a touchy subject for me, my weight is something that I am super self conscious about. And have been for the past several years since having my son. Before that, I never had a weight issue. Ever. So this is all very new to me and I am still learning how to adjust. I know that I will never be the size 2 I was, but I actually don't really want to be. I know that sounds dumb, but now being both extremes in my life (too skinny and too heavy) I realize there is such a thing as too thin, and well, I was.

I must say that I don't really have a number in mind of where I would like to be or how much weight I want to actually lose. I throw numbers around sometimes, thinking it would be nice to be such and such, but really, I just want to be healthy, and feel good about myself. If I never fit into my wedding dress again, that's okay. (I don't need to, I'm already married!)

And maybe one of these days I'll start posting more pictures of myself on this blog!

So, there you have it. Some big news. Big to me anyway!

I'm still brainstorming on what the bet will be when I win in June! Any thoughts?!?!?


  1. Wow-sounds like you are doing fabulous! And I think a spa day (or even regular visits?) would be a great reward for such super self-control and motivation. Great job doing something good for yourself!!

  2. great job! Isnt it just an on-going battle? If you don't mind divulging, what program are you on? It sounds easy to stick to because you still get a meal in the evening. I would love more info. My email is brooketormanen@yahoo.com if you want to share:)

  3. Congratulations! I started back to Weight Watchers - love it. It's nice to feel good about myself and my health again! ;) So happy you're feeling good!