Friday, January 21, 2011

A Couple of Koreans.

Right after Christmas, we got to see our friends, James and Mary and their adorable son, (my future son-in-law if I have it my way!) Henry.

We also had the chance to meet another member of our adoption forum, Ashley and her super duper cutie, Evan!

SO glad they put us in the back party room at our favorite Korean restaurant so the kids could be free and just play! Three active toddlers makes for some fun times!

But Ashley is a genius and happened to have a lollipop for everyone, which made snapping pics of them a little bit easier!!

I absolutely adore these kiddos and their parents and am so happy that we have the opportunity to make connections like this, hopefully for life!

And can I just say that I can barely contain my excitement that Henry is getting a sister?!?!?! I am already planning the double wedding between Henry and Zoey and Braedan and Baby Girl! (she hasn't been named yet, but I've offered to allow them to call her Mrs. Braedan _____ for now!)

I've seen pictures and wowsa! She is one beautiful baby and I hope they have her home from South Korea very, very soon!!


  1. how great that you guys had a chance to get together again and what great news about a baby sister for henry!!! i can't wait to see her! :)

  2. so neat that you had an opportunity to get together with other adoptive families. and better yet that their all gettin' married! :)

  3. That's so wonderful and cute that you are planning the future weddings. Just make sure we get an ivitation:)