Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So funny!

Zoey was sitting on my lap today while I attempted a one handed email reply (getting pretty good at those!) and started knocking things off the desk and laughing hysterically! I had to grab the camera and see if she would do it sitting in the chair on her own, and she did! This laugh just makes me smile!


  1. Hi Kim! I've been keeping up on your blog despite the fact that I've been a lame poster myself on mine since Noah has been home. Zoey is getting so big and is so darn cute! What a laugh! Congrats on your ETSY shop as well! Since I'm still getting used to being a first time mom ( at 40 none the less! ) I've been posting stuff on Facebook since most friends and family are on there and it's much easier than trying to find time to write. If you are on and want to "friend" each other I'm under Colleen Neary Horan. Hope you are well!!! :)

  2. Adorable!!! She brought a big smile to my face! Also, Henry enjoyed the video again. ;)
    He came over to watch once he heard her laughing.