Friday, October 30, 2009


Hanging out in her jammies this morning...

Can you even believe it's been that long? We are now offically the family she has been with longest in her life, (she was with her first foster family for four months, then the second one for five months) but still have three more months to go to equate the time she was in Korea. She's still so she fit in 6-12 month costume that was barely too short for her to wear! She slept through the night last night and is just doing awesome! Tomorrow she will be 15 months old. We feel very blessed. How did we end up with such a beautiful girl?!?!?!

And someone else I know is happy to have a girl in the house...but maybe for other reasons than me!! He put this bow in all by himself and was thrilled about it!


  1. Yay--happy 6 months!!! She is adorable and so is her big brother!

  2. Happy 6 months together!!! We are officially at 4 months together today! Cool huh?

    You guys are such an adorable family!!

  3. Happy 6 months home, Zoey!!! Braedan is a walking advertisement for how well our baby snap clips stay in very little hair!! LOL!!!

  4. It is hard to believe it's already been 6 months! Congrats and so glad to hear how well everything is going!!