Thursday, October 15, 2009

Haircut or No Haircut?

This afternoon Braedan, Zoey and I were sitting on the couch. Braedan says, "Mommy, does Zoey have ears?" I giggled and said, "Um, yes." And proceeded to pull her hair out of the way to show him. "Wow! There they are! They're so tiny!"

I realized this was the first time he'd probably really seen her ears! Her hair is so long now and thick and everywhere! It's gorgeous and smells good all the time (expect for when she puked in it and I had to wash it four times!), but it is a pain to constanly pull it our of her face and make her sit still long enough to do it. She's famous for ripping out bows now and has even mastered pulling the rubber band out of her ponytail if she can reach it.

So what do you think? Haircut or no haircut?

I'm thinking if I at least trimmed around the bottom layer and maybe gave her bangs again? Then at least she wouldn't have to pull it back everyday.

Opinions please. :)


  1. I vote NO WAY!!!! Her hair is gorgeous!!!! I don't have to deal with pulling it back everyday and having her pull the rubber bands out, though! I think she'll look adorable either way, but if it were me, I'd let it grow! You can still see Briar's scalp in the back her hair is still so fine and thin!

  2. I vote NO too!!! Of course I want to shape up Hannah's and DH says no to that-so... But Kelly's right Zoey would look adorable no matter what.

  3. I say NO...Her hair is beautiful. But, if you choose to, she will still be beautiful.

  4. I agree that she'd look cute no matter what. Do you remeber Riley? She had NO patience for anything in her hair or me spending more than 2 seconds brushing it. She had a cute little bob w/ bangs. She always looked cute, no hair in her eyes, no fussing.

  5. I could go either way but I remember having to grow out my bangs when I was little and it was MAJOR pain. So that makes me lean toward NO.