Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just another reason we love our Beco carrier...

These pictures are from Saturday when our girl was still feeling a little under the weather and clingy. She loves to be outside and she was missing her Daddy. So we strapped her on his back and she enjoyed every single minute of mowing that lawn! We have not seen any fever since Saturday, and besides some fussiness and extra wake ups at night, she seemed to be feeling much, much better. Till this afternoon, when I went in to get her from her nap, she and her crib was covered in puke. Everywhere. The rest of the day today, she's been pretty fussy, but eating normally and no more throwing up. So I'm hoping it was just a reaction from her antibiotic as I gave it to her before her bottle and then she layed down. I have a call into the doctor and should find out what they think tomorrow. We're ready for her to be well again, poor thing! And hoping that brother stays healthy too!


  1. Poor sick Zoey! I have pictures just like that from about a month ago of Briar on Chris's back in the Ergo cutting the grass!!! Briar calls it her 'packpack'. :o)

  2. I cant beleive how long Zoeys hair is! WOW! Hope Zoey feels better and everyone stays well!

  3. Wow she has had the time of it--poor thing. Hope she feels better soon!