Friday, October 9, 2009

Hard to believe

that these are pictures of a girl who has a double ear infection as well as a viral infection and rash! Couple all that with a 104 temperature and it's amazing she's even up walking around! She woke with a fever yesterday and by 4pm it had spiked to 104 even with meds. I made an appointment with the doctor for this morning as the rash appeared once again on her face and torso. This is now her third viral infection with a rash since being home. The double ear infection doesn't help and she was less than pleased to see the doctor, whom she is absolutely terrified of since having her shots last month. She is now on her very first round of antibiotics since being home (which I think is pretty good!) and from her records in Korea, I do not think she's had any other illness that required antibiotics before. We have a great doctor, one who has seen big brother since birth and we really like her. Apparently, the CDC predicts that this winter is going to be the worst by far for illness. Not surprising, given all the new strains of flu and who knows what out there. We are so thankful that this baby has been so healthy since arriving home, but for the few small bumps here and there, and pray that it will stay that way. She's settled in for a long afternoon nap (hopefully!) and I'm thinking about the same (but I'm pretty sure the four year old calling my name as we speak has other plans!)

And that cute hat that Zoey is wearing is from my friend Kelly's store, For every hat purchased this month, they are donating one to a children's cancer hospital! So far, they've been able to donate 251 hats!!

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  1. Poor Zoey--hope she feels better. She looks adorable in the hat!!! If you haven't already check out my blog for pics from our family picture day!