Friday, October 16, 2009

Christmas (and my birthday!) came early this year!

In the form of one little Fedex box in my mail this week!

On the city tour in Korea, I was able to meet a great couple, Tim and Nicole, who were also picking up their beautiful daughter, Hannah. After seeing my whiny post about not speaking Korean and wanting to get R@setta Stone for Christmas/my birthday, she sent me an email with a wonderful offer to use her R@setta Stone! I was so excited and thrilled and am now on Day 3 of using it and LOVE it!! The learning technique is so well thought out and it really works! I've been able to retain much more information than I thought I would! So I just had to give them a little shout out and thank them for being so generous!! You guys are awesome!! (And they're the ones responsible for that cute little outfit you see Miss Zoey in below!)

I've been able to meet so many great people throughout this process and have greatly enjoyed sharing their journeys. I never knew anyone else that was adopted (besides my sister of course!) from Korea and did not have one single Korean friend growing up. So these relationships mean a lot to me and they are people that I hope our family and especially Zoey, will remain in contact with for the rest of our lives!

And check out the new items I listed in my Etsy shop! Thanks for all the support! Keep those orders comin'!

Oh, and last post placement visit is scheduled for October 26 and all the paperwork for finalization is to the lawyer!! Woohoo! Can you believe it's been almost six months?!?!?

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  1. That's awesome!!! BTW our SW is sending off our stuff to Holt and keeps telling me there is nothing to do yet. So what paperwork did you give your lawyer?? Am I behind??