Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Favorite Things Part II

Diposable Stick-on Table Covers
$8.99 for 20 Toys R Us

These are great for on the go! They come prefolded in a package about the size of a diaper, so I just pop them in the diaper bag and have them with me. You just pull one out at a restaurant, peel the backing off and stick directly to any surface for a instantly clean eating area! Love them!

Foogo Insulated Stainless Steel Sippy Cups
$14.99 Toys R Us

So this might sound pricey for a sippy cup, but it's so worth the money! Keeps any liquid cold or hot for up to 12 hours (really!!!) and has a straw to drink from which is great since Zoey cannot yet tilt a sippy cup to drink. So I can just hand her this one while we're in the car and she can sip away! Easy to clean and holds 9 oz.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Deluxe Soft Travel Tray
$17.99 Babies R Us

LOVE this item! Will attach to any carseat and adjusts for babies comfort. I just snap it on Zoey's lap and fill with snacks for a car ride! It's easy to reach around and throw more on there when she's all out! Usually keeps messy eating in the car to a minimum!

Snugglebottoms Fitted Cloth Diapers with Velcro
$25.00 for package of 6

Yes, we cloth diaper when we're at home! I love it! These diapers are a great value for the quality and so easy to use and wash. Soft on Zoey's skin and keep their shape after washing. Highly recommended!

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Cloth Diaper Cover
$12.95 each (price varies) Full Circle

So cute in 4 different patterns and keep everything inside where it should be! Easy to wash and easy to use with velcro. Grows with baby. Can make diapers pretty bulky, so we sometimes have Zoey go pantless around the house or go up the next size in pants...

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