Thursday, July 16, 2009


Boy, Zoey's hair is growing like crazy! We're still in "no hairstyle" mode as we're trying to grow out her bangs and make it all one length. It's starting to pull back easier with clips since her bangs are growing, but I feel like it's in her face all the time and I'm constantly messing with it! But I finally got some good pigtails going the other day! Hair in the face or not, she's still beautiful!


And we just shave this one's head, and it's looking about that time again! I just hate cutting off all that red but his hair gets really wirey if I let it grow out. Too bad! People come up to us all the time and compliment his hair color. One lady wanted us to come with her to the salon so she could show her hair stylist that this was the color she wanted! Um, no thanks!

And I just had to show off his shirt I picked up for him in Korea that he wore for the first time today because for some reason (uh, maybe motherhood?!?!) I hadn't unpacked this bag yet. He loves it and told people all day long what it said. Isn't he a cutie? I guess I'm just a little biased, but think my kiddos are too cute!


  1. love the piggies and Braedan's shirt is pretty cute too

  2. Your kidlets are definitely cute, so it's not just cuz you're the mom. :)