Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mmmmm...Seaweed Soup!

My brother (a wanna-be Korean!) and I went over to get a cooking lesson from a Korean family friend of ours. It was AWESOME! We had the best time and learned so much! I'm bummed because she'll be out of town for Zoey's Tol Party, but gave us the basics on how to prepare most of the food. She had some to sample and we enjoyed chowing down on the seaweed soup ( my brother was brave enough to eat the mussels she had added - me, not so much) and helping her make Yaki-mandu, one of our absolute favorites! And yes, she told my brother that he made very good work of the dumpling wrappers...she said no such thing to me, whatever. :) She loaded us up with all kinds of goodies from the Korean market to bring home and even had a cook book for me. We have known her for about 15 years and she has always been so helpful and sweet. She often sends me things from Korea and books about adopted children. She ordered two traditional Korean Rice Cakes for the party next week and I'm so excited to see them! She had actually been in Korea just two weeks before I picked Zoey up and we were disappointed it did not end up at the same time! She loaned me a traditional Tol table for the party and sent us with all the leftovers from our cooking lesson. So this afternoon I was excited to see if Zoey enjoyed the seaweed soup and she chowed down! Loved it! Here are some pictures of her slurping it up! Braedan was not so brave...

And here she is trying out some sticky rice with a piece of toasted seaweed

I so enjoy anything that has to do with Korean culture. Coming from a military family, we lived and traveled the world. I was exposed to many cultures and places and appreciate them all. But being adopted and not having that Korean culture in my life every day, makes me appreciate it that much more. After traveling there to pick up Zoey, I am left awe struck at the wonderful country it is and crave it more each day. At 27, I feel it's about time to know what being Korean is all about. One of these days, I would love to return there to live with my family. But maybe I should learn how to say a bit more than "hello" and "thank you"?!?!?!

My brother and I the day we brought Zoey home...
And Dave, I love you even though you made prettier Yaki-mandu than I did, but you would still stick out like a sore thumb walking the streets of Korea!


  1. Riley and I didn't think seaweed soup sounded very yummo, but would love some mandu. I expect some next time I come to visit.

    All this time I thought you were saying "poll" table.

    Love the videos!

  2. a Korean friend of ours brought me Seaweed soup after I had Mia. she said it's what all postpartum women eat for days after giving birth.
    P.S. if you ever decide to pick up and move to Korea, let us know...Patrick would probably take us and go with you. We were just talking about how much we missed Korea even after only being there a week. That's never happened with any other place we've travelled.

  3. So cute. I'm totally a 'wanna-be' too!

  4. OK.. that does not look as good as the doughnuts!!

  5. How awesome!!! I am so jealous I so want to have a Korean market I can go to and friends I can learn more about Korea from. You will have to keep me posted on things you learn. We too want to go and live there and my hubby says it was fabulous. Maybe someday we will live there together!

  6. The seaweed soup was actually really good. I was very surprised, I even thought the mussels were good. The awesome lady that showed us how to make it said that it is great for baby and mommy too. She said that women should eat lots of it after having a baby. It was awesome learning how to make Yaki mandu and Kim bop. Thanks for letting me hang out and learn something new,