Thursday, July 30, 2009

Celebrating Three Months Home!

Wow! Once again, where has the time gone?!?! Our little girl has been home for three full months! And tomorrow she will be one years old! On this exact date three months ago, I was praying to get off that plane and just make it here alive! Zoey did so great on the flight home considering the circumstances and we were both so relieved to finally be out of the airplane! She continues to grow like a leaf, eat everything in sight and follow everything her brother does! She is practically running around the house now and still enjoys tormenting the dogs and the bunny. She is definetly in toddler mode now...getting into everything and making her presence known! She is still working on popping all six of those teeth out, and says "uh-oh" pretty regularly. She has now called me mama just twice, and will whisper "dada" occassionally to Danny. But there is no shortage of kisses, as she gives those frequently, even to other family members! Her favorite thing to do by far is to turn the satellite off when we're watching TV, and we've discovered that telling her "ah-nee-oh" (no, in Korean) just eggs her on! Braedan has even started saying "ah-nee-oh"! She has discovered the "goodie cabinet" at my parents home and will walk straight to it, open it up, and proceed to carry a bag of M&M's almost the same size as her, to the nearest adult and beg them to open it! We have started the transition to whole milk and so far, she has tolerated it really well. She is such an amazing little girl and we feel very blessed to finally have her home.

With that said, she still struggles with night time sleeping. Our hearts just ache for her as we know she is still having some grieving issues and seeks comfort in the night to reassure her. She has become what we like to call a "shirt puller" and will pull on the collar of mine and Danny's shirt, especially at night. She does this sometimes for hours, just needing the reassurance that we're still there. We know that while three months has gone by quickly for us, it is still such a short time for her to fully adjust to this new life and we pray that we will be able to do the right things to continue to let her know we are her forever family.

Braedan continues to do well also, and loves his little sister! He is very overprotective of her, yet is not too thrilled when she gets into his toys. We had the pack and play out the other day and he decided that he needed to get in with his toys so sister wouldn't bother him! He proceeded to play in there, while Zoey watched, for nearly an hour! She still giggles with delight every morning when they first see each other.

Here are some pictures to enjoy!


  1. That M&M story is hilarious! Maybe you can catch it on video...

  2. I remember another Korean baby that was a "shirt puller"

  3. 3 months certainly goes by quickly! How wonderful that she's blossoming so quickly! Believe it or not, I was relieved to hear about the sleep troubles. Rai still struggles with his afternoon naps, so I was starting to get jealous while I read your blog. :-)

    Take care and have a great Tol this weekend! I can't wait to see pictures!