Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Video Tuesday

Zoey is walking like crazy now! She still crawls more than walks, but to keep up with big brother, she finds walking more suitable! Braedan was playing computer in the office and she found it faster to walk to him rather than crawl. Tongue out and all! (ignore my obnoxious voice in the background...apparently I forgot I was videoing this:))

Zoey has discovered these whistles that are actually bath toys, but she thinks they're hilarious and eventually learned how to blow them herself! She is pleased!

And finally...my little man has ALWAYS been ahead physically. He could jump off the ground before he could even walk! After playing a few rounds of one on one with his daddy, he was getting tired, but his shots kept getting better! Check out his "swish" in this cute little video after a couple of attempts! And then he's back to a four year old complaining that he's tired...

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the wall lean until she decides...to take OFF!! I just love it when their little feet get going. Enjoyed hearing about your Korean cooking; we are jealous that you have a Korean market close to home to enjoy such delicious treats (though I'm not really into seaweed soup:-)